Reading the Biblical Scriptures for Guidance

In today’s world, many people have seemed to lose the habit of reaching out for biblical scriptures when they are in pain or doubt. With biblical scriptures on strength, love, marriage, financial troubles, encouragement, friendship and relationships; the bible is truly man’s only true friend that is capable of giving out wisdom and support whenever one needs it.

It is natural for man to feel emotions like anger, disappointment, frustration, hopelessness, heartache and depression. However, it is not natural for man to dwell amongst these emotions. Instead, it is important for man to reach out to the bible to reach clarity of mind. Encouraging biblical scripture quotes, inspiring biblical scriptures on faith and the much needed biblical scriptures of encouragement are just a few of the many enriching and uplifting biblical scriptures that can be found in the bible. If we will just learn how to reach out to the bible, we can save ourselves from a lot of these dire emotions.

Whenever we do something wrong, we always seem to blame the fact that we are just human. When things go wrong between partners, we always tend to blame the other person. When things go wrong at work, we often blame our team leaders or bosses. When we get angry, we lash out at other people. When we are disappointed, we make sure that everyone knows about it. However, instead of pulling these emotions across to others, time is better spent poring over biblical scriptures. With the wisdom of God written down in a book for us to turn to in times of need, we are sure to be relived of the emotions that are making us less than what we can be with God’s grace.

“I will never forsake you”, these are just five words yet they hold such a great promise to each and every person. If one were to read the biblical scriptures, one will gradually realize that he or she is never alone. However, in times of doubt do not just turn to biblical scriptures on faith. In times when relationships are shaky, do not just turn to biblical scriptures on marriage. In times when loss and grief are consuming, do not just turn to biblical scriptures on death. Instead, turn to biblical scriptures at all times. This will allow you to have God’s grace with you every step of the way. After all, if God will not forsake you, will you forsake Him?

Telling Bible Stories for Children to Guide Their Spiritual Growth

Faith always plays an important part in the individuality of a person. It has been said that one is saved from the wages of sin through believing and keeping the faith. So it is important to inculcate in the minds of every member of the family the importance of being spiritually stable. The spiritual upbringing of a person must start as early as their childhood years. The easiest way to introduce them to the Christian life is through doing something they love the most. Bed time stories are always their favorite. Tell bible stories for children every night and see how they bloom into a person with good moral and fear with God.

Telling bible stories for children helps them grow into a Christ-like child. They will be brought up to be a person that knows the distinction between right and wrong. They will be an individual with strong Christian values that the younger generation will look up to the moment they bloom into their adolescent years.

The world nowadays is very chaotic and hazardous. It is no longer safe. There is violence everywhere and no one is sure that the place is still a safe place to live. With faith and belief, one has the weapon to surpass every trial and challenge what comes along the way. The greatest weapon that one can have is God. With Him all things are possible, there is a solution to every problem, and life will never be the same again. Christians dominate all over the world. Imagine a world with one God? Definitely the world peace that we have been aiming for since the ancient times can be possibly achieved. Many doubted the existence of God. Then who is wrong and who is right? Religion and faith has always been a serious discussion to scholars. But for a solid Christian, He is the creator of everything that exists in the world. He is the alpha and the omega, the first and the last. Imagine stumbling upon a very big and beautifully formed tree, who would actually believe that it just came there by itself? The answer is, no one would believe that it was an accident why it existed. It is there for a purpose. That is to glorify the creator. Everyone has a purpose in life.

A person always carries the values they learned from their childhood years. This is why it is best to start implanting in them the faith as early as possible. Being courteous in telling bible stories for children each night and during free time will not only enrich their minds but guide them spiritually as well.

The spiritual benefits of Argan oil

Argan oil: it’s the latest new ‘miracle oil’ being touted across the globe, and the benefits of argan oil may be truly noteworthy indeed.

Sometimes referred to as Moroccan oil because of its origins as a substance that has been used for many years in its native land, argan oil is produced in small batches in an organic, all-natural manner from the fruit of the argan tree. The oil is a fantastic source of antioxidants, which can help to keep you feeling strong and healthy well into your elder years by helping to keep you from suffering age-related illnesses and conditions by preventing some of the damage brought about by the natural aging process, and while Moroccan cuisine uses argan oil heavily you can also use it to keep your skin and your hair healthy and young-looking as well.


Using argan oil for hair is ideal for treating damaged or dry hair, thanks to the natural moisturisers and antioxidants the miracle oil contains. If hair has grown brittle from too much time spent in harsh conditions such as a chlorinated swimming pool or from being washed and dyed excessively, using argan oil can bring back that bounce and shine that you’ve lost over a long season of rough use.

Using an argan oil treatment on your hair before you style it can also make your hair deal with the stresses of an iron or other heat-activated hair treatments as well, thanks to the natural moisturizing properties it contains. Argan oil can aid in keeping hair cuticles sealed against the type of damage excess heat can cause, and it’s a safe bet that this will reduce frizz and keep your hair looking silky and smooth. Not only that, but many people find the exotic, subtle scent of Moroccan argan oil as quite alluring!


If you think only your skin could benefit from a pure argan oil infusion, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised: after just a handful of uses, argan oil can leave your skin looking healthier and better moisturized than it has in months or even years. Applying argan oil directly to your skin will keep it hydrated in even the harshest and driest of climates – something the Moroccans have known for years – and the organic, all-natural oil has also proven to be an effective way to keep your skin healthy in the face of over-exposure to sunlight, as argan oil can keep ultraviolet rays from drying out, cracking, or even burning your skin altogether.

On top of that, argan oil is filled with the types of anti-oxidants that are fantastic at keeping you looking younger and more healthy, especially when applied to the face. Argan oil has both oleic acid and linoleic acid as two of its main ingredients, two very gentle, natural cleansing agents that can keep your face clear of dirt and dead skin cells without having to resort to harsh, caustic chemicals that can leave your skin sore, raw and inflamed.

Moral Lessons from the Bible as the Best Teacher

It has been said that experience is the greatest teacher. But the lessons learned from life are not always an assurance that every message from each experience is buried deep down inside. Sometimes there is a need for a greater teacher who can edify life changing lessons. There is a need to cling to something extraordinary. There is a need to learn moral lessons from the bible.

When things go wrong there is one thing that you can surely rely on, the Bible. The Bible speaks about the word of God. It contains many life changing stories that give Christians the inspiration to keep the faith. Scriptures that help strengthen the spirituality of an individual are there to keep their passions burning. The Bible is a book that gives the knowledge that you must learn to be able to survive life. It serves as an instrument to bring out instruction on how to live life while given the opportunity. As quoted, the Bible means, “Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth.” It is very true in every possible way. Why must one learn the Bible while still given the opportunity to exist in this beautifully created world? Simply because of the reason that the bible contains the good news that everyone should know of. It can amazingly answer every question of “what’s” and “why’s.” One cannot live by belief alone.

A study of the scriptures from God is necessary for spiritual growth. It can also serve as an instrument to fellowship with other believers, through conducting a Bible-study. A Bible-study is a gathering of sisters and brothers in faith to study the Holy Scriptures. Fellowshipping with other believers is essential for everyone’s walk in the spiritual path to grow maturely. That is why the church has many branches called the ministry. Each ministry has a special mission to do. It is to carry out the good news to those who are less fortunate with the knowledge about the existence of it. They are tasked to save souls. And they carry along with them very powerful weapons, the Bible, the moral lessons from the Bible, the gift of tongues, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

The Bible is a book that contains all the things that we need to know about our real existence in life. It is the greatest teacher to a strong and faithful believer. There are so much moral lessons of the bible that one can acquire. It always pays to read the Bible every now and then.

King James Version of the Bible

For Christians, the bible is the most important book in the world. It has been written so many years ago and has been translated to different languages and versions. One of its famous versions is the King James Version. It was said that this version has been the standard Bible for English speaking believers for four centuries. However, many Christians nowadays prefer the modern versions; many of them said that KJV is hard to understand. In spite of that, there are still other Christians who strongly believe that the King James Version is the closest translation to the original text of the Bible. There are many interesting facts about the King James Version of the Bible. Let us have a quick read to some of them.

• The lead translator and overseer of its translation was Lancelot Andrewes, a very brilliant man. He worked as the general editor of the whole project.

• King James I, Great Britain’s king, was the one who authorized the creation of a new Bible in 1604.

• In Great Britain, the KJV is also known as the Authorized Version of the Bible.

• The KJV is the only English version which is copyrighted outside England.

• Archaic words in the version are only about 100 or so, if you are having hard time understanding them, you can just simply refer to a good dictionary.

• Almost all of the Presidents of America has sworn into the office with KJV of the Bible in his hand.

• KJV has more than 788, 000 words. On the 17th century, most of the Christians do not own a Bible; it is too expensive for an average family. Churches chained the Bible to a pulpit in order to make sure that it will not be stolen.

• There were 7.5 Bible were printed in the whole world and most of them are in King James Version. It is believed that the total number of the copies of this version is already in billions.

• King James Version was the first Bible version printed in America in 1777 by Robert Aitken. It is only the New Testament that was published that year. After four years, the whole Bible was released.

These are only a few of the interesting facts about the King James Version of the Bible. With these, may you be able to appreciate this version even more.

Christian gardeners penalised for creating a £20k country garden

David and Elaine Rolfe are facing a £5,000 fine for covering over their beloved country garden after having to cope with a terrible personal tragedy. 51 year old Mr Rolfe has been diagnosed with a terminal case of brain cancer and the couple have since left their rental property in order to provide a better level of care, only to be only to be told that they actually did too much work on the garden for a new tenant to maintain properly.

So now either they return the garden to a state of rough pasture – just a step above the scrubland they encountered when they moved in over a decade ago – or have to pay £5,000 for the estate owners to gravel over the entire garden.

Mrs Rolfe remarked that she is simply heartbroken at the prospect of uprooting the entire garden and having all the hard work of her and her husband being erased. It’s only a small comfort to the woman that her husband is much too ill to understand what’s going on with the garden, but my heart goes out to the stalwart woman, who has since gone on benefits and Is acting as a full-time carer to her very ill husband.

The worst part of this whole thing is how Mr and Mrs Rolfe would open the garden every summer to the public, collecting the proceeds and donating them to local charities. This means that not only are a pair of lovely people losing their beloved garden but the entire community is losing out now as well.

I can’t imagine what’s going through the minds of the estate owners in making the decision to destroy such a lovely and nationally-renowned garden, especially after such loyal tenants put the country garden on the horticultural map. It makes me feel like they’re a bunch of heartless people, though I’m sure they have their reasons; still, would it be such an expense to have a professional gardening service come once or twice a week to look it over and tend to the grounds?